Indian Association of Leprologists

Indian Association
of Leprologists

Indian Association of Leprologists

Advice to Leprosy Patients under Therapy:

1) Medical Therapy:
• Be regular in attending clinic
• Keep records of drugs and investigations.
• Please continue until specifically told by the doctor/clinic where the therapy was started.
• If you falls ill, disclose about the therapy to the caring doctor.
• If any lesions aggravate with or without weakness of hands or feet, pain or fever, do not discontinue therapy but report immediately to the doctor.

2) Prevention of Trophic Ulcers for Insensitive Feet:
• Use well fitting, soft (without nails), sandals that have thick microcellulose rubber insoles (for equitable distribution of pressure) and with a back strap (in case of footdrop).
• Inspect feet at night for any wounds and take care of them immediately (complete rest, clean and dress) even if they are not painful.
• Apply petroleum jelly or vegetable oil over soles after bath and at night.
• Do not stand in one position for long time, do not run or jump or walk long distances if it can be avoided.

3) Prevention of Hand Injuries for Insensitive Hands:
• Take extra care while smoking, using sharp instruments or handling tools which require application of pressure or a tight grip.
• Women or men who cook must use insulating grips or use utensils with insulated handles while cooking.
• In case of injury, give complete rest and dress it.

4) Care of Eyes (Insensitive or Paralytic):
• Wear eyeglasses preferably with side shields for protection from foreign bodies.
• Use moistening eye drops 3-4 times a day.
• Consciously close eyes 5 times every 5 minutes.
• Examine eyes at night for redness and if present show a doctor.

5) Care of Nose:
• Avoid picking the nose since, due to absence of pain, ulcer/ perforation may start this way.
• Irrigate the nose with a solution of I % each of sodium bicarbonate, sodium borate and sodium chloride to clear crusts.
• Use lubricant paraffin jelly daily for prevention of ulcers/crusts in the nose.